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2006 - January 2nd - Monday

Kathy phoned JH: Kathy apologised for not phoning on New Year’s Day but she had been busy with all her family calling in.  In fact, Ralph was staying in bed today because he was so weary – even though he was recovering from his accident.  Kathy asked JH if the latter had received an appointment to go up to the RLH – JH has not, and she further explained to Kathy that Sara Stacey, the Co-ordinator in Plymouth, had told JH to expect one to arrive.  Kathy said that she had a ‘routine’ appointment at the RLH on 19 January 2006 {which is a Thursday – JH wonders if she will receive an appointment for the same day} in view of her being ON THE LIST! 

We had quite a long chat; JH told Kathy that she (JH) had been to the RLH before as she had been to an exhibition about Elizabeth Garrett Anderson1 in the RLH’s Museum.  Kathy was just off to go swimming and then to dialysis; Kathy explained that she had got really upset on 23 December 2005 when she was there as she had a lot of pain in her anastomosis.

2006 - January 6th - Friday
JH called in to see Sara Stacey: JH explained to Sara that Kathy had stated that she had an appointment at the RLH on 19 January 2006.  JH had understood Sara to say that JH would, herself, be receiving an appointment from the RLH but, apparently, when Sara had finally spoken to Maggie, Sara had asked Maggie to find out if JH was required to go up to London or whether the London H would be happy for Sara to take the bloods at Derriford.  Sara said she would find out exactly what was going to happen with regards to blood being taken from JH in the first instance.

2006 - January 11th - Wednesday

JH received a letter confirming that her sister Ann Elflein had received JH’s letter informing her of JH’s proposed donation.  JH also told Anne Dunk on phone that evening.

JH was a Student Nurse at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital (EGA) from 1960 to 1963: women and children were nursed at EGA, therefore, In order to qualify as a State Registered Nurse, the Student Nurses spent the second year of their training nursing male patients at the Dreadnought Seamen's Hospital in Greenwich and/or the Albert Dock Hospital.