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JH was looking at her Ordnance Survey map to follow the course of the Sunday Stoll as described by Martin Hesp who writes an article for The Herald in each Saturday edition of the Paper.  In his column on January 12th 2013, Martin mentioned Porthkidney Sands - which of course caught JH's attention: so JH sent an email to St Ives Tourist Association as follows:-


Porth Kidney Sands Taken from The St.Erth to St.Ives Branch Line

On 13 Jan 2013, at 19:59, Miss Jeanette Hipsey wrote:

Name:Miss Jeanette Hipsey

Telephone:    01752 xxxxxxxx
Address:    xxxxxxxxxx Road
Message:    PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PHONE IS BARRED TO WITHHELD NUMBERS. Please could you tell me why PorthKIDNEY sands are called KIDNEY? If you are curious about my strange question, please see my website which will explain a lot - if you have time!

Reply From: Tony Mason
To: MissJeanette Hipsey
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2013 9:34 PM
Subject: Re: Enquiry from the St Ives Tourism Association

Dear Jeanette

Thank you for your enquiry from the St Ives Tourism Association website  which is also the official St Ives town website.

The best explanation I can find is that Porthkidney Sands was given to that strip of sands in late Victorian times. Previously it had long been known as Porthcunny (The Firewood Cove) but presumably that was considered somewhat risque, even rude, so they changed it to something similar.

I LOVED your website - what a great story and well done you !

Best wishes
Tony Mason
StITA Secretary

Not a Wapiti but a HIPPO, Deer Deer!