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Birthday Card received from Ann on 27 January 2016
'This card isn't so Birthdayish as this colourfull young man
with several others
are saying good bye to the Winter'

'The gargoyle waterspout on envelope
is from an important historical building Like the National Trust.'

I spoke to Stephen at PO to congratulate Post Office for delivery to my

British Kodály Academy

Angela Tilly and JH first met in 1960 – when we were Student Nurses at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital in London.  Angela had always had a musical Bent: in fact, shortly after completing her Nursing and Midwifery Training, she had a complete change of Career.  Angela went to Rolle College in Exmouth and, subsequently went to Hungary to qualify to teach the Kodály Method.  Angela has remained an ‘Activist’ in the British Kodály Academy.  In 2016 she attended the Unveiling Ceremony of a commemorative plaque erected on the wall of the house in London where the founder of the British Kodály Academy, Cecilia Vajda, lived from 1969 - 2009.


Cecilia Vajda was born in Budapest. She studied at the Liszt Academy of Music and was a pupil of Kodály. After graduating, she went on to teach at the Academy as a Professor in the School Music Department which included the teaching of conducting. Concurrent with this position, she was also the Director of the Hungarian Radio Choir for 6 years, receiving much acclaim for her meticulous training of the Choir and the calibre of performances achieved.