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2007 - September 1st - Saturday

Kathy sent JH an email - asking JH to check that Kathy had Martin Freeman’s email address at the Herald correct – prior to sending our Story to the Herald.


2007 - September 2nd - Sunday

JH reply to Kathy: Kathy had recorded Martin’s email correctly, but JH asked her to send an email to Diana Prince instead – as Diana had reported a couple of stories to do with (cadaver) kidney transplants during National Transplant Week – commencing 9th July.  JH also told Kathy that JH had visited her GP, and been given advice, and anti-inflammatory drugs, and analgesic tablets, for her neck and shoulder pain.  JH did NOT tell Kathy that she had been sick twice during the day, almost certainly due to the Codeine she was taking +/- her previous gut problems.

2007 - September 3rd - Monday

JH altered her regime of pain and bowel management: she stopped taking Co-dydramol, and resorted to usual remedy with regards to bowels – hopefully for the last time [- not quite the last but almost] – and continued to take paracetamol and diclofenac.

2007 - September 4th - Tuesday

JH’s Whiplash-injury pain and discomfort was coped with in the day; she took some asilone (anti-collywobbles) in the evening.  But JH had a very disturbed night’s sleep: she took one paracetamol tablet, and one co dydramol tablet on a regular basis, ie, halved the dose of codeine but still took the maximum dose of paracetamol; JH also took nitrazapam at 3.00am!

2007 - September 5th - Wednesday

JH had a long chat with the Pharmacist in the Co-operative Pharmacy about JH’s pain management.  JH bought some milpar for her bowel management; and continued on the regime of analgesia started yesterday evening.  JH slept well!

2007 - September 7th - Friday

JH returned to her WRVS duties at the A&E Tea Bar at Derriford! 

2007 - September 11th - Tuesday

JH’s computer crashed – Oh Dear!

2007 - September 13th - Thursday

JH was not too uncomfortable with reduced analgesia.