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Uncle Ken

Uncle Ken on Chesil Beach
Daddy's tennis partner and good friend for over 50 years.
18 Conisboro Avenue
4 Aug. 1935.

Dear Charles,

   Very many thanks for your letter of a week ago also for camera safely received. Herewith is an attempt to make up for the lack of correspondence recently, mostly my fault I believe but I have developed a dislike for letter writing unfortunately for various reasons.
   Very glad to here you have become happily reconciled to your new life. I wish I could say the same myself. I expect you are busier than ever now with a garden to tend. However you have removed one obstacle from your path (lit.) and the others will disappear in due course I dare say.
   As I expect you know, after lengthy consideration we decided not to accept Evas very kind invitation to spend a holiday at Sidmouth. We really would have liked to have gone for the change but had previously decided to take things quietly this year owing chiefly to the expense we have been put to recently and there is a lot more to come. It seems a charming place to stay at judging from the card your mother sent me.
   Mother and I paid a visit to Bournemouth last Sunday and had a splendid day for the journey. We enjoyed it very much except for the tea at the Pavilion which we considered very meagre.
   We almost decided to go to Goodwood Races on the Tuesday but backed out at the last minute. We shall go next year we think. As it happens we had a successful time away from the course so there was a strong probability our expenses would have been paid. Paid a visit to the Vaudeville Friday and enjoyed a good programme. There was an entire abscence of murders and American films which made a refreshing change. I think Charles Laughton a superb actor, he was in “Ruggles of Red Gap”
   Have been kept on full stretch in the garden all the week. Finished laying the concrete path as far as the lawn to be and have just succeeded in making the site for the lawn resemble a billiards table after the exercise of great patience. Next on the list is a bit of painting outside and the necessary materials are waiting for me when I feel in the mood to do it.
   I met and old friend of ours last night at the Grosvenor House. I played Burton at tennis and we tried out some new balls. After a good battle I managed to beat him 2-6, 9-7, 6-3 in two hours play so you can guess what a struggle it was. Afterwards we retired to the sun room for refreshment and to watch the dancing and we hadnt been in five minutes when in strolled Claude Over with brother Ron and needless to say accompanied by two females. We had a chat with Claude on the lawns shortly after. He had been to Switzerland and the girl he was with was a Swiss over here on holiday. Ron is engaged to be married. Claude is just the same old Claude still single and enjoying life. He said he remembers the “doubles” we used to enjoy in Prospect Park. Andy is also engaged and I notified him of your wedding. Claude is back in Reading again working for A & C Collins in Friar Street. It is possible we might have a foursome with him one evening.
   We have decided to pay a visit to Kensington Oval tomorrow to see Surrey and Notts and afterwards a visit to the Academy in Oxford St specially recommended by St John Frome of the Observer. I’m not sure that we shall get in yet being a Bank Holiday but we are hoping to otherwise we shall have a general look round.
   Our office team managed to reach the final of the tennis competition but were beaten fairly easily by Surveyors who boast two or three super players. It was a handicap otherwise we shouldnt have got so far.
   I have been enjoying the cricket this year and scored 35 not out a fortnight ago as well as taking numerous wickets from time to time.
   Well I am afraid I have exhausted all the news local and otherwise to date and shall have to finish. I will let you have another bulletin in the course of a week on the completion of the holiday and until then will say goodbye.

           With best wishes to Grace and hope you are both well

               Your very sincere friend