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2007 - June 2nd - Saturday

Kathy rang JH whilst JH was busily updating her Donation Diary!  Kathy was just about to be taken to the Hospital for her dialysis, as she now dialyses Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays; Kathy said that, if it were not for having a date for the operation, she would ‘give up’; she continued to feel unable to make any effort to do anything; JH apologised for her rather ‘depressing’ last email reply but, of course, Kathy did not feel that any apology was necessary; Kathy just thought she must make the effort to phone; JH said that she was, of course, thinking of Kathy, because she was updating her Donation Diary; furthermore, JH said that she was going to the Theatre to see The Last Confession staring David Suchet as Cardinal Benelli, who endeavoured to find out the truth about the ‘suspicious’ death of Pope John Paul I, after he had been in Post for only 33 days - JH actually read out a bit of the Critique about the Play to Kathy (? distraction therapy).

Kathy reported that Ralph, and the rest of the family were well; JH told Kathy that, when she had mentioned that K was not at all well to her ‘musical’ friends, that the latter had wondered if Kathy was reacting to her natural anxieties, now that a date had actually been fixed for our operations; also, JH said that she realised that Kathy did not have the morale booster of being able to go swimming – which JH finds a great boost to her own morale; JH said that she felt sure that Kathy had been told not to expect to feel really well until several weeks after her forthcoming operation – which of course she realised.

2007 - June 4th - Monday

Kathy phoned JH:  Kathy said that she was scheduled to be admitted on Sunday 17th June; Kathy had just spoken to Ray on the phone, who had told her that JH was going up to the RLH to be freshly cross-matched on 11th June, having stayed in JHH the previous night; Kathy told JH that she, herself, would of course be cross-matched at Southend Hospital; Kathy had a slip of the tongue – when she said our operations were Monday – the day after her day of admission; be that as it may, she said there had been some discussion about Ralph staying overnight, on the 17th June, in JHH, and that she ‘JH understood that they asked for a donation of £30 – but JH did point out that they did not really expect this full amount – for the cost of one person staying one night; Kathy also added that Ralph might prefer to go to her daughter’s, Lorraine’s, house; Kathy did say that she had just got out of bed to do a few things but was then going back to bed, ie, doing things ‘in stages’; JH said that an engineer had just come to look at JH’s washing machine – so Kathy hoped that JH would ‘have a good time’ with the engineer!

2007 - June 8th - Friday

JH phoned Ray, but spoke to the Staff Nurse, Vicky, initially; Vicky asked Ray to phone JH back.  JH explained that she just wished to confirm that she was staying at JHH on Sunday night, 10 June 2007, and would call over to the Renal Unit (as stated in her email) at 10.30am to have fresh blood taken for pre-operative cross-matching.  JH also asked the name of the Ward (which she had been told was above Devonshire Ward) to which she would be admitted on Sunday,17 June 2007:- Paulin Ward.  Ray reiterated the fact that he had only known of one occasion when a bed had NOT been available for transplant patients – donor and recipient - two days before their operations.

JH phoned James Hora House to confirm her booking at JHH and spoke to (another) Sue – who stands in for David and/or Ruth when necessary.  Sue confirmed JH’s booking and said that she would leave the keys at the Security Office as had been done before; however, she was going to be coming to JHH late on the Sunday evening in order to welcome two other new residents, and expected to be at JHH until about 8.00pm.