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2008 - January 3rd - Thursday

JH rang Kathy at 8.00pm for a general chat: Kathy was just off to bed as she was very tired; JH said she had a good time with Bill, Pic, and Jenny; Ralph is ‘off work’ for 12/52 – following his hernia repair, and in view of his cardiac investigations.

2008 - January 9th - Wednesday

JH sent a letter to Dr Hateley requesting a ‘to whom it may concern letter’ for JH to present to PCC so that JH can be issued with a RADAR Key.

2008 - January 17th - Thursday

JH attended her follow-up appointment in the Renal Unit, at 4.20pm, to see the Nephrologist:  {JH received her appointment letter about a fortnight in advance.}  JH arrived at Renal Outpatients with about 10 minutes to spare, but was told that Dr Denton was on his own, and that he was running an hour late!  In view of this delay JH went to search out Sara Stacey, whom Lyn Headon said was still around; when JH went into the Administrative Office, she found Sara’s son [who had already been collected from school] sitting under the bench, so she asked him to tell his mum that JH would like to have a word with her. 
Sara came and searched JH out - two matters were discussed:  Firstly JH said that, although Kathy had emailed Diana Prince, the Health Reporter at the Herald in September 2007, requesting her to phone JH with a view to writing-up about JH’s donation to Kathy - and JH had subsequently sent K’s email again some weeks later – JH had never received an acknowledgement from Diana.  In view of the several stories which had appeared in the Press – both local and national - about kidney donations/transplants – JH was still keen to publicise her personal adventure to ‘encourage the others’!  JH had already asked Sara if the moment had passed for publicity but (following further conversations between JH and K) JH again asked Sara (whose name had been mentioned in local press dispatches) how to set about making contact with a reporter: Sara said that JH could ask the folks in the Press Office at Derriford {Bridie had just gone on maternity leave} to send a ‘press release’ to one of the reporters at the Herald.

Secondly JH explained to Sara about Kathy’s severe pain which necessitated her taking morphine.  Sara was concerned about this (as is JH); she further explained that patients with renal failure do have to maintain extra calcium intake to prevent problems such as osteoporosis; whilst on dialysis, a tablet of calcium is chewed after each meal, which is not very appetising!  After receiving a transplant, the oral calcium supplements come in a more pleasant preparation which is taken once a week.  JH explained that Kathy did have her pre-operative problem of having had a spinal fusion in the 1980s: however, Kathy already had her electric scooter to get about in, which she could still use postoperatively.  But there is no doubt that Kathy has severe osteoporosis.  JH added the information that Ralph was also not well, having had a hernia operation again, and also having investigations of his heart arrhythmia, as well as coping with managing his diabetes.

The nurse did JH’s blood pressure and weighed JH: the diastolic B/P was 91 and JH’s weight with clothes but not shoes was 16st 3lb.  Oh Dear!   JH tested her own urine specimen because, by the time she produced it after chatting to Sara, the Nurse had gone: PH 7 NAD.

JH saw Dr Denton shortly after 5.00pm.  Dr D remembered that JH was ‘Miss’ although JH did say that he could use ‘Jeanette’ but perhaps this was not allowed: JH realised that Dr D had not remembered (why should such a busy person), until he was reminded, that JH had been a long-time colleague of Lyn’s, and so JH was used to being called by her forename in her second home, the Hospital.

JH chatted on to Dr Denton about her rather protracted lack of confidence and incentive after the operation, and further expounded on her whiplash injury for which she had been given analgesia and steroids by her GP; JH said that she was, now, very well, but that she was aware that her B/P was up, and also her weight.  After some discussion – and JH yet again explaining that she suffers from hospitalitis, and that she felt cold in the winter if she was hungry (excuses, excuses) - Dr Denton decided not to increase her dose of Zanidip.  In a most friendly manner, ie, placing an arm round JH’s shoulder, Dr Denton thanked JH for enabling someone to come off dialysis.

JH had a chat with Lyn and then went to catch the bus at 5.43pm – Lyn was staying - having been offered overtime to collate some 200 sets of notes to do with the 18-week target to be met with regard to appointments being given to new referrals.  Lyn had an appointment with the fast track lumbar pain service about her sciatica which was somewhat more tolerable now that she was established on an analgesic regime.  Margaret, her colleague, who had been rather poorly with a chest infection at the same time as Lyn’s back troubles occurred, was also better.

Whilst in the Waiting Room (Corridor) JH got into conversation with one of the patients – whom she recognised: Mary Grayham had been a District Nurse in Plymouth; Mary mentioned another colleague’s name to JH, Betty Endean, which JH also had a recollection of knowing; perhaps these folks had been members of the RCN, and come to meetings.