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2008 - August 3rd - Sunday

Kathy rang JH whilst JH was doing a walkabout – in the rain – at Ford Park Cemetery, so JH rang Kathy back in the evening [on K’s mobile].  Kathy was entertained to hear that JH had visited the local Garden Cemetery, and managed to keep dry under the large umbrella; Kathy was still feeling really ill; she was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow {which she explained had been brought forward from Tuesday – mentioned in her recorded message} to have her ‘stomach scraped out’ (is that really what she said?), and had been told that she would feel much better after this had been done.


2008 - August 4th - Monday

JH rang Paulin Ward in the evening but was told – by Michelle, the Staff Nurse who knew JH - that, in actual fact, Kathy’s laparotomy was to take place on the Tuesday after all.  Subsequently JH spoke to Ralph on the phone in the evening.  Ralph explained that there was a collection of fluid underneath the kidney, as well as the collection above it which had already been repeatedly drained.  In order to reach the fluid collection underneath the surgeons thought it best to go in via the abdomen, as entering through the previous transplant scar might be a bit problematical.  Kathy was scheduled to go to Theatre at about 2.30pm, ie, after all the other cases, as K had MRSA around the site of the drain exit, but this was thought to be only superficial; Ralph had not been told the name of the bug in the fluid collection/s – even if it/they had been identified.  JH suggested to Ralph that JH would not phone the Ward herself, but would wait to receive a report from Ralph, after Kathy had been to Theatre.

2008 - August 5th - Tuesday

However . . . JH did phone the Ward fairly late in the evening as she realised that she would not be in later on – should Ralph phone her.  JH spoke to Moses at about 7.30pm, who had just come on duty to do the night shift: JH and Moses had a rather convoluted conversation insomuch that Moses could not quite grasp that JH wished a message to be given to Ralph to say that she would not be in (at home to take a phone call); somehow, Moses thought that JH was going to call in and visit; then he thought that JH was asking Ralph, who had already left the Ward, to phone her!  Never mind!  The most important piece of information was that Kathy had been to Theatre and was ‘fine’ – So JH asked Moses just to give a message to K to say that JH had phoned, and was on her way out to play music.