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2007 - January 1st - Monday

JH rang Skinners at about midday: Kathy had not had her dialysis a day early because of the Bank Holiday but was due to go in for 4.00pm this afternoon; she was coughing rather a lot – due to ‘the fluid’ - so she told me; Ralph was well and ‘doing things’; they were planning to go to a Weatherspoon’s pub for lunch; JH explained that she had sent an email to Terri, Dr Moro-Azuela’s Secretary’ with regards to Maggie Farrell’s comment about JH needing a CT angiogram; Kathy gave JH a great deal of ‘encouragement’ - when Kathy commented on JH’s ‘know how’ of how to manage communications with persons in the NHS!  We had a general chat during which JH mentioned that JH’s parents’ favourite eateries were the Beefeater Restaurants; also that JH had been told to put arsenic in her tea by a lady whom she challenged about smoking outside the entrance to the Hospital; Kathy said that neither she nor Ralph had ever smoked.

2007 - January 2nd - Tuesday

Kathy rang JH twice: the first time she told JH that there was some confusion about K’s appointment on 19th Jan which the folks at the RLH said was the date of her appointment in January 2006!  JH also asked Kathy about the appointment she was to have with a Mr Collins at Southend, so Kathy explained that Mr Collins was the person whom she would be seeing with regards to the requirements of the HTA to be seen by an independent person but, as yet, no definite date had been fixed.

The second phone call from Kathy was to tell JH that Dr Thuraisingham had telephoned himself!  He told Kathy that the appointment was just for her (it was originally going to be on 20th but he was going to be away that day) – as an ongoing patient at the RLH, and that JH was not required to attend.  Kathy said she was just off to her Course on IT, and that she already had passed some IT Tests; JH said that she would email Kathy in a day or two, if Kathy had not yet got the hang of emailing JH.

2007 - January 4th - Wednesday

JH was copied in to an email sent by Sara Stacey to Terri informing the latter that all JH’s results had been sent to her, ie, Terri, and offering to supply any further information if required.

JH received an email from Kathy which Kathy had sent in reply to JH’s email – which she had replied to before!  Kathy thanked JH for the copy of the hippo cartoon drawn by Lena, JH’s great niece.

2007 - January 4th - Sunday

JH sent an email to Kathy explaining who Lena is.  JH also explained to Kathy how to send a ‘New’ email so that she does not have to send a reply to an ‘old’ email – in other words, start a fresh email correspondence.